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New Patients in Hamilton, Ontario

Families, residents and students living in the Hamilton area can book a Saturday appointment with Winona Dental to see the dentist and keep their gums, teeth and mouth healthy. Winona is situated on the Eastern end of Hamilton and conveniently located for new patients in search of a dentist in Hamilton.

Visit the Beautiful Winona Community

Winona Dental is a short scenic trip away in the beautiful community of Winona, Ontario which is a part of the town of Stoney Creek and a segment of the city of Hamilton. Hamilton residents can ensure their teeth are cleaned, cared for, and healthy then spend the day enjoying the Winona community.

Known for it’s magnificent landscapes and community feel, Winona is a wonderful weekend place for Hamilton residents, students and families looking for a getaway from the city environment. Fruit picking is available from strawberries, peaches, blueberries and more. Scenic walks hikes and tours are a must for the active. You can enjoy a lunch picnic in one of the great Winona parks and complete the day with your choice of critically renown restaurants.

Set in a house on the corner of Hwy 8 and Winona Rd, Winona Dental provides gentle and attentive dental care that reflects community values.

The Dentist

Dr. Samantha Wong is a graduate of Hamilton’s McMaster University and completed her dental training at the University of Toronto. Read more about her dentistry training, background and how she effectively cares for your dental health.


Winona Dental has parking available and is wheel chair accessible.

McMaster & Mohawk Hamilton Students

For Hamilton students enrolled at McMaster University, the McMaster Students Union provides you with Health and Dental insurance benefits if you are a full-time student enrolled in 18 or more units.

For students enrolled at Mohawk College, the Mohawk Students Association provides the option to purchase secondary dental health insurance benefits.

Dental benefits for students will depend on enrolment status, opt-in or opt-out status, primary and secondary dental coverage.

Dental Services and Procedures

Winona Dental offers complete dental care treatments. Our newly built dental centre, was designed to provide patients with a clean, convenient and comfortable experience with emphasis on attentive and gentle dental care.

Our dental facility contains all new equipment to ensure no part of the patient care experience is compromised. For example, our new digital x-ray system, that provides further observation for dental diagnosis, can decrease radiation exposure by as much as 70%.

Winona Dental provides comprehensive dental treatments to care for your oral health. We offer a variety of treatment options to ensure patients can choose the best treatment option for their dental health needs.

Dental procedures include regular preventive treatments such as checkups and cleanings to more extensive restorative and endodontic procedures to preserve your dental health.

Winona Dental specializes in cosmetic dental treatments that provide preventive dental benefits:

  • Orthodontic braces: For patients looking to restore the alignment of their teeth, jaw and bite. Restoring proper bite alignment can prevent wear on your teeth and recession on your gums from uneven bite pressure.
  • Teeth whitening: Our teeth whitening treatment works to remove stains on your teeth while strengthening your tooth enamel against caries and sensitivity.