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Cosmetic Dental Treatments


Winona Dental provides cosmetic dental treatments for patients in the Grimsby, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, and surrounding areas.

Cosmetic dentistry pertains to the aesthetics or look of your teeth, gums, bite, jaw and mouth. Cosmetic dental procedures focus on the improved appearance of your teeth and smile. Cosmetic procedures can also provide dental health benefits for the preventive care of your oral health. Using specific dental treatments to correct the alignment and spacing of your teeth and bite can increase the longevity as well as reduces wear to your teeth.

For patients in the Hamilton, Stoney Creek and Grimsby area interested in cosmetic dental treatments, Winona Dental offers Invisalign clear braces, orthodontic braces, teeth whitening, tooth rebuilding, veneers, crowns and more.

Preventive Dental Treatments


Preventive dental treatments help clean and maintain your oral health. Having good dental hygiene habits such as flossing, brushing, using mouthwash can improve your dental health. Even with the benefits of very good dental habits, patients are still recommended to see the dentist at least twice a year for occasional checkups and thorough dental cleanings.

Dental cleanings with a dentist provide your teeth and gums with a thorough removal of calculus and plaque bacteria buildup. Using specially designed dental instruments, the dentist is able to provide a deep clean removing plaque bacteria and calculus that everyday dental products miss. Routine checkups with your dentist ensure tooth decay and issues are treated right away and allow your body and gums the ability to recover once thoroughly cleaned.

Orthodontic Dental Braces


Winona Dental provides orthodontic dental treatment for patients in Hamilton and Stoney Creek interested in braces.

Dental braces or orthodontics help restore alignment of a patients teeth, jaw, and bite. Many patients undergo orthodontic braces treatment to improve the appearance of their smile. Orthodontics also have added dental health benefits for patients. Through corrective alignment, braces can reduce tooth wear and improve dental hygiene for patients with spacing and crowding issues.

For patients in the Grimsby, Hamilton, Stoney Creek area who are candidates, Winona Dental also provides Invisalign braces which are clear braces that are less apparent than orthodontic braces. Invisalign braces can be removed and reinserted during the course of the day.

Restorative Dental Treatments


Restoring the structure of your tooth to prevent future cavities and decay can be accomplished at Winona Dental. Tooth decay is best treated during the early stages to ensure the infection does not spread to the nerve of the tooth. Patients with severe decay may feel tooth pain. For local Stoney Creek and Hamilton patients feeling tooth pain, Winona Dental provides emergency dental appointments.

Restorative dental treatments include direct and indirect tooth restoration to help mend tooth damage from decay. Specific restorative dental procedures include inlays, crowns, bridges, veneers and root canals.

With an emphasis on patient health, aesthetics and preventive care; Winona Dental uses ‘white’ composite tooth fillings to blend the tooth restoration with the natural colour of your tooth. Composite tooth fillings are also found to be safer for patients as they do not contain the mercury found in metal fillings.

Endodontic Dentistry


Winona Dental provides Hamilton and Stoney Creek with endodontic dental treatments.

Endodontic dental procedures or root canal therapy is required when tooth decay has spread and infected the tooth’s nerve.

Local patients with advanced tooth decay may experience tooth aches. Winona Dental provides emergency dental appointments to locals in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and Ancaster areas.

During a root canal, the infected parts of the tooth’s pulp are removed and cleaned. Obturation of the canal then proceeds to save the tooth structure.

Periodontic Dentistry


Periodontic dentistry deals with the health of your gums. Proper oral care habits to prevent gum recession are very important and can have many dental health benefits. Patients that experience bleeding gums are showing signs of gingivitis. It is very important to floss at least once a day as apart of your dental hygiene regimen. Flossing cleans plaque bacteria from the gumline region where regular brushing cannot reach.

Allowing plaque bacteria to build can cause gingivitis and periodontitis which may lead to decreased bone levels which help to anchor your teeth.

Periodontic care procedures can help prevent gum and bone recession and the formation of periodontal pockets which can have adverse side-effects on the rest of your body.

Dental Radiography


Dental radiographs or dental x-rays enable the dentist to diagnosis decay in areas underneath the gum tissue and treat any decay issues before infections become significant.

Winona Dental utilizes digital x-ray technology and equipment which drastically decreases radiation exposure for patients by as much as 70% over older x-ray technology. With digital x-ray technology, the radiation dosages that patients can receive is comparable to a few light days of natural outdoor exposure to the sun.

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