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Winona Dental, located on Hwy 8 in Stoney Creek/HamiltonThe Edwardian style house, built in 1907, has been preserved to show the classic Ontario style that embodied the Winona/Stoney Creek neighbourhood in the early twentieth century — Winona Dental

The Winona dentist, Dr. Samantha Wong, opened Winona Dental as Winona’s own family dentist to care for local families and residents.

Winona Community Contribution & Preserving Its Essence

The goal of Winona Dental, is to be able to provide the Winona, Grimsby and Stoney Creek communities with a dental centre that preserved the neighbourhood and area feel.

Located across the old Winona Public school and beside the Winona Canada Post, Winona Dental is a dental centre that is conveniently located and within walking distance for the community.

Built in 1907, Winona Dental is in a twentieth century building that has been meticulously renovated and restored to maintain the Edwardian Classicism architecture to help sustain the feel and characteristics of the Winona community.

Preserving the Winona community and contributing to the healthy growth of the local children, families and residents is Dr. Samantha Wong’s vision with Winona Dental.

Through her attention to care and education, Dr. Wong hopes to make a difference in the lives of local and neighbouring families by caring and preserving their oral health and overall health.

Her Dental Training and Education

Dr. Wong is an honour’s graduate of Hamilton, Ontario’s own McMaster University. Her studies in Physiology taught Dr. Wong the health benefits that good oral hygiene can have on the overall health of our bodies.

To be able to help others at her fullest, she applied to become a dentist. Dr. Wong enrolled and completed her studies in Ontario at the University of Toronto where she achieved her Doctor of Dental Surgery.

With 90% of life-threatening diseases exhibiting oral symptoms, Dr. Wong’s diverse understanding of overall health and specialized training in dentistry enables her to prevent oral health issues and help protect her patient’s overall well-being.

As in all disciplines, there always new techniques and breakthroughs in dentistry. Through continuous learning and enrolment in courses throughout North America, Dr. Wong ensures she provides the most effective care possible for patient’s who have entrusted her to oversee their oral health.

Her Dental Care Philosophy

Her philosophy is to utilize and apply the principles of cosmetic and aesthetic dental procedures as a way to further prevent tooth decay and oral health issues.

With Winona Dental, she aims to provide gentle and effective dental care to the Winona, Stoney Creek community and neighbouring families in the Hamilton and Grimsby areas.

Drop by and come say hello to Dr. Samantha Wong, the community’s own local Winona dentist.