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Teeth Whitening at Winona Dental

Dentist Teeth Whitening Stoney Creek

Winona Dental provides patients in Stoney Creek, Hamilton with carefully selected teeth whitening procedures to help brighten the appearance of their smile. The recommended teeth whitening option is tailored to the patients preference and the state of their oral health.

Considerations when assessing teeth whitening methods include:

  • the patient’s current overall and dental health
  • the whitening results the patient is looking to achieve
  • the cause of the staining and discolouration on the patient’s teeth

Oral Health Assessment

Before proceeding with the teeth whitening procedure, an assessment of the patient’s oral health is carried out to determine which teeth whitening procedure is best suited to their needs.

Teeth whitening is often cited as causing a irritating discomfort in patients called sensitivity.

To minimize patient discomfort, both during and after the procedure, the patient evaluation is carried out to carefully assess and select a whitening method that will maximize results while minimizing sensitivity or irritation to ensure patient comfort and results.

The assessment prior to the teeth whitening treatment will help in determining the cause of the discolouration to the patient’s teeth and choosing a method that is best suited to the cause.

Finally, teeth whitening does carry with it a degree of variance from patient to patient; the assessment will aid in providing a guidance on the whitening results for the patient to expect.

Professional Teeth Whitening Methods

The carefully selected teeth whitening methods are chosen to emphasize patient comfort and whitening without compromising tooth enamel.

Benefits of the selected teeth whitening methods include:

  • low patient sensitivity and irritation
  • can reduce consideration of caries risk
  • can strengthen your tooth enamel